About Decisionfitness

The media keep us aware of the decision mistakes of others in our society. It is reported that there are 50,000 deaths per year caused by medical mistakes each rooted in a flawed decision. The press is also quick to inform us of the decision errors by business leaders and political officials who are tempted by insider information and backroom deals to feather their own nests. And, then there are the decisions of celebrities that undermine their careers and families. All too often addiction, emotion, and intuition, among others, take over and cloud decision judgment when other more rational judgment bases are appropriate. Read More

About Hal Mooz

Hal Mooz is a trained and experienced project manager, systems engineer, and business executive who co-founded The Center for Systems Management (CSM) following a successful career with Lockheed. Mr. Mooz simplified the complex system development process and trained companies, organizations, and individuals to improve their efficiency and success rates. The project management and system engineering models he developed have been adopted by companies worldwide. Mr. Mooz has co-authored three editions of Visualizing Project Management published in four languages, Communicating Project Management, and is an author and a contributing author to other publications and books. Read More